Each and every flee is but a short-lived one.

The mind is sentenced to a lifelong run.

Every escape a mere moment in time,

A feeble palace, illusionary shrine.

One flap of a wing from a bird that flew by,

The shape of a cloud in the distant sky.

Ease is as fickle as the candle flame.

Relief but a short downpour of rain.

They never warned us once of this game,

All they have done was to give it its name.

In every hope lies a hidden seed of deceit,

And the bare heart lies beneath the mobs feet.

Our joy is a colour bleeding to light

That inhales its death from the breath of night.

Every wish the descendant of the one before.

And the meaning lost in the yearning for more.

Change is a lasting motion in space,

A track of devising that resists erase.

They never warned us once of this game,

All they have done was to give it its name.

Reason is a restless, blindfolded man

With an undying wish to learn to understand.

And someday this man might learn to see

That all his life he was nothing but free.





Wondered why…



Why the sky dives into the sea?

Why do wings long to be free?

Why the moon cares for its night?

Why the shadow cares for its light?

Tell me why my heart cares to beat?

Why warmth cares for its heat?

Why the world reflects in a tear?

Why is hope the tenant of fear?

Tell me why the wound cares to heal?

Why do the blossoms care to reveal?

Why the far long to be near?

Why is pain harbored in the here?

Why does the snow care to fall…?

Find me the meaning immersed in it all.

Why does the will fight to hold?

Why do the arms reach out to enfold?

Why do the leaves care to sway?

Tell me why the roads go on their way?

Why do moves wrench from still?

Why the numb care to feel?

It’s written in the lore behind a hidden door,

A kind the crude mind has never met before.

And the only key that will let you see

Is the one held inside of you and me.





The Promise of Thirst



My hands tremble in dieing calm,

And my clock turns by another time,

And my streets hold some other rain

While the lightning carves in an ink of pain.


My heart quakes in another’s chest,

And my peace lost among forgotten rest,

And my prints press on another’s palm

While the distance seeds with the roots of harm.


My dusk calls upon another’s eve,

And my faith holds upon remote belief,

And my present mourns a solemn erst

While the tears drown in a pool of thirst.


My sleep dies in another’s dream,

And my flow bathes in some other stream,

And my lost resides in another’s found

While the need wails in the mute of sound.


The Inevitable



The time bird flew over you,

(have I come to depend upon the coming end?)

…What will you do?

Its dread stained name enfolds you in pain,

(need it take so long, gain a place that I belong?)

…Where will you stay?

Days hid away the remembrance of yore,

(need I strive for a life to stay alive?)

…How long before…?





Trajnost promenljivosti




Ja sam piljevina na povrsini okeana,

Mesecev prah iz svetlosti izvojevana.

Grejem se u svetlu jedne rezbarije,

Plutam na povrsini dubine

Dok se ne rastvorim u blizenju daljine..

Daljine moje tmine, kolevke moje postojbine.

Ja sam ono oko sto uci kako da cuje,

Ono uho koje uci kako da gleda.

Ja sam ona paznja optocena spoznajom.

Ona hartija koja uci da zbori.

Ja sam ona koja je setivsi se sebe zaboravila sebe,

Ona sto trazi ono za cime se ne traga. 

Budilnik sata koji je zaboravio kako da zvoni.

A ja nisam nista drugo do suza jedne zvezde,

U kojoj se ugledaju sve buduce rose.

I sve one nose razresenje jedne drevne zedji

I putuju kroz vreme da stignu

Do jedne drevne pustinje, do jedne zelje

Zatocene u celjusti svoje gladi.

Izvor svoje slobode, da doputuju da se usidre.

I senka sam svake kapi kise,

I sedef skriven u sivilu oblaka.

Pokret koji vidi, korak koji vodi.

Odziv koji vodi ljubav sa odrazom.

Zvuk sam skriven u pesmi muka.

Cujem svoje smerne boje tamo

Gde su oduvek postojale.

Bliskost svoje daljine cuvam

U medji koja deli nebo od zemlje.

Ja i jesam vlas svog horizonta i jedrim

Ka provaliji beskraja da u svoju svest

Posadim seme vecnosti,

Pohod jedne jedine izvesnosti…

Trajnost promenljivosti.



All songs by Maya Milosavljevic Salila